GeneratePress Review 2021: Is This Theme Worth The Money?

Customer Support
Value For Money


  • Free Theme
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Quality Site Templates
  • Quick Customization
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Top-Notch Editing Features
  • Pre-Made Templates


  • Lacks Drag and Drop Feature
  • Limited Features in Free Plan
  • Steep Learning Curve

GeneratePress theme of WordPress is, therefore, an amazing solution for business-minded WordPress users who aspires to land their site in the initial pages of Google search results. When it comes to customization, this theme offers a powerful modular interface and sophisticated premium extensions.

Price:$ 59

Through this article, I’ll attempt a full-fledged and precise GeneratePress Review as the most powerful and worthwhile WordPress theme. I believe that it’s worthy to be read and you’ll find the information provided true to the core as it’s nothing but a liberal sprinkling my personal experience. 

Do you aspire for unlimited freedom to customize your WordPress site? Are you a business-minded site-maker who strives to land your website in the initial pages of Google search results?

Then you’re in the very right place. Give it a read and in the end, you’ll be able to understand the implications of GeneratePress on your WordPress site in sync with your preferences and business requirements.

From initially three visitors, GeneratePress helped me to grow my unique site visitors to thousands and lakhs and hence, I’m surprisingly familiar with its features and I’ve arranged it in an easily-understandable, systematic and structured format for you. 

This article will clear all your doubts and will act as an all-in-one guide that will brief you on everything you need to know about GeneratePress.

In this article, I will talk about: 

  • Overview of GeneratePress
  • Some of the best features of GeneratePress
  • Is GeneratePress the best choice for you?
  • Some notable features of GeneratePress Premium plan
  • A step-by-step guide to install GeneratePress premium plugin
  • A basic analysis of GeneratePress speed 
  • A detailed overview of GeneratePress lifetime deal
  • Some of the worthy competitors of GeneratePress
  • Pros and Cons of Generate Press
  • Premium Pricing Plan of GeneratePress.

Bottom Line of the Introduction: GeneratePress theme of WordPress is, therefore, an amazing solution for business-minded WordPress users who aspires to land their site in the initial pages of Google search results. When it comes to customization, this theme offers a powerful modular interface and sophisticated premium extensions.

Try GeneratePress for yourself and enhance your SEO Rankings!

Table of Contents

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress Theme review

On seeing this topic, it’s not very surprising that you might be thinking about what it might be. Let me tell you that GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme.

What? Free?

Yes. It’s free. You’ve read it pretty right. It’s noteworthy that GeneratePress free plan comes with amazing, sophisticated and state of the art features that undergo regular updates that will help you to build a scintillating WordPress site of your own. 

However, you’ll get a paid version of GeneratePress with more sophisticated features and premium extensions. I’ll be talking about it in detail in the upcoming paragraphs. 

GeneratePress lays its emphasis on the performance of your website, i.e. its speed. It also offers you seamless customization options that make GeneratePress the most stable, best-supported and secure theme available on WordPress. 

Five Features That Make GeneratePress Unique

Optimized Performance and Faster Loading

I’m currently using the GeneratePress theme for my WordPress site and let me tell you that the entire theme is less than 20KB! Even the most optimized version will be around 200KB only.

It simply means that your site will have a faster-loading speed and it’ll ultimately result in enhanced SEO rankings and it’ll help you to land your site in the initial pages of Google search results. Most importantly, you needn’t have a prior coding experience to use GeneratePress. 

Seamless Customization in Real-Time

Generatepress Custiomization - GP Premimu Review

GeneratePress uses WordPress customizer for customizing and editing your website and the most important feature I’d like to mention is that you can see a live preview of the changes you make.

The free version of GeneratePress comes with ample features while the premium one will offer you more refined features and extensions.

You’ll be able to edit the layout of your WordPress site including:

  • Layout
  • Navigation options
  • Sidebars
  • Blog Posts
  • Header and Footer

And much more. In addition to that, you can also control the topography/font style, shape and size of every content in your site. Also, you can alter the colours of the same. 

Post/Page-level Settings Offering You Greater Control

One of the features of GeneratePress I’d like to highlight is that it’s a proponent of Negative Liberty. Sounds tough? Well, it simply means that it’ll offer you unlimited freedom.

You can edit and customize different elements in your website at post/page level that will give you full control over the general appearance of your site. 

In each post/page, you’ll be able to :

  • Choose sidebar orientation
  • Alter Header/Footer location
  • Disable certain elements

And much more. 

Time-Saving Gallery of Pre-made Sites

GeneratePress offers you a colossal library of pre-made site templates. It’s user-friendly and what you’ve to do is just to import it from your WordPress dashboard.

It’s really helpful for debut site-builders and bloggers as you needn’t have to start from scratch. You just have to customize a premade template and it’ll save hours of taxing customization work. 

Premium Extensions and Modular Approach

GeneratePress will offer you a plethora of sophisticated premium extensions at a reasonable rate about which I’ll be talking about in the coming paragraphs.

GeneratePress also offers you a Modular approach where you just have to pick and activate the features that you want to use. It’s really helpful as you needn’t sacrifice your valuable loading time and SEO Rankings for features that you’ll never use.

Sounds amazing, right?

GeneratePress is a Good Fit if…

GeneratePress is a perfect fit for you if you aspire for customizing freedom and full control over the appearance of your site.

It’ll serve you the best if you are in a quest to land your site in the initial pages of Google search results as GeneratePress focuses on website performance and speed. 

On the other hand, if you’re aspiring to build a website for a specialized purpose like for a coffee shop/ restaurant or fashion-related, GeneratePress is not gonna offer you anything special fit for your purpose. 

GeneratePress Premium Modules

Site Library

Generatepress site library- GeneratePress review

GeneratePress comes with a colossal site library that offers you a myriad of well-built, eye-catching, scintillating pre-made themes with seamless customization options. It’s indeed a boon for those who strive to save every second of their valuable time. 

Colour Options

As far as I’ve used GeneratePress, I believe that GeneratePress is reserved for the freedom it gives to its users.

You’re enabled to choose the colour options of your choice in contrast to other website builders where you’re supposed to choose a specific colour code. GeneratePress enables you to choose from 60+ colour options. 

GeneratePress theme colors


One of the most noteworthy features of GeneratePress premium is font flexibility. You can change your font style, shape, size and location with GeneratePress. Moreover, you are enabled to choose a typography style from 70+ options. 

GeneratePress typography settings- Review of GeneratePress theme

WooCommerce Store Customization

As you’re able to integrate your website to WooCommerce, GeneratePress offers you an amazing opportunity to customize your WooCommerce store. Not only you can change the colour themes and typography styles, but also you can freely change the layout of your store with ease. 


GeneratePress offers you both sticky and off-canvas customization along with the ability to customize the mobile header. Moreover, you can also set secondary navigation with all the features and elements in the primary one. 


GeneratePress upholds the concept of freedom of customization by providing you with a more advanced customization option where you’ll be able to alter the spacing between different elements in your site. Moreover, you’ll be able to alter the size and margin of site elements. 


GeneratePress Premium not only allows you to customize your site but also your blog. You can control image options, set column dimensions, alter element spacing, edit scrolling options and much more. 

GeneratePress blog section layout


This is one of the features of GeneratePress I like the most. Along with default background options, you can choose a background from the colossal background gallery as well as you can upload a background of your choice. 

Section-wise Customization

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to customize and edit your entire website dividing it into different sections. A centralized administration led to the disintegration of the erstwhile USSR and don’t let centralized editing destroy your website!

Disabling Page Elements, Copyrighting and Others

GeneratePress allows you to enable/disable certain page elements in your WordPress site. Also, it allows you to enable copyright protection of your contents and set a custom copyright message anywhere on your site.

Moreover, GeneratePress allows you to import/export themes and allied options with ease.

Why Should You Choose GeneratePress?

If you are a passionate website builder with a business mindset, you cannot simply ignore GeneratePress. With GeneratePress, you can not only create a scintillating website but also you’re provided with unlimited freedom of customization. 

Along with seamless customization features, GeneratePress lays its emphasis on performance and speed of your website that will enhance the loading speed and ultimately result in better SEO rankings and you can land your site in the initial pages of Google search result with no extra work. 

How to Install GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme?

You can easily install and use GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme by following a couple of simple steps mentioned below:

Installing the free version of GeneratePress

GeneratePress Free Theme download

To begin with, you’ve to install the free version of the GeneratePress theme before proceeding to install the premium one. Ensure that you activate the same on your WordPress dashboard so that you can move on to the next step. 

Download GeneratePress Premium

  • Now, you’ve to download the GeneratePress premium by going to the “Your Account” section on your WordPress dashboard. 
  • After downloading the same, you’re supposed to save the file to your computer.
  • Please ensure that the downloaded file is in zip format.

Add GeneratePress Premium to Your Website

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • In the dashboard, select “Plugin”
  • In the Plugin, select ‘Add New”

(Dashboard—Plugin—Add New)

  • Now, select “Upload Plugin” 
  • Finally, you’ve to upload the downloaded zip file.

Activate Modules

  • You’ve to go to “Appearance” 
  • Now, go to “GeneratePress”
  • And now, you’ve to activate individual modules that you wish to use in your WordPress site. 

How Fast is GeneratePress?

In this article, you must’ve noted that I’ve mentioned the term “speed” a couple of times. Being an arbitrary term, it’s quite normal for you to doubt the real-life, practical capacity of GeneratePress. 

However, it’s undeniable that GeneratePress will boost the loading speed of your WordPress site but by how much? 

For this, I’ve compared four speed-related aspects of a WordPress site when customized with the famous Envo Magazine theme and with GeneratePress theme. I’ve analysed their performance with the help of Pingdom. 

Generatepress speed test - Generatepress review

I’ve tabulated my results as: Aspect Envo Magazine WordPress Change
1 Performance grade 77 87 10
2 Loading time 1.05 seconds 666 Milliseconds 37% Faster
3 Page size 243.9 KB 26.8 KB 90% Smaller
4 Requests 15 9 40% Fewer

From the above table, it’s easy to conclude that WordPress is indeed a speed-booster and a powerful performance optimizer. Both Performance Grade and Loading Time confronted a substantive increase while Page Size and Requests witnessed a notable decline. 

GeneratePress Lifetime Deal

GeneratePress premium plan- Generatepress coupons

In my opinion, the GeneratePress lifetime deal is the most worthwhile plan you would ever get. You’ll get a plethora of most refined customization and optimization features with a single payment of $249. 

Features of GeneratePress Lifetime Deal

Access to Premium Modules

On purchasing GeneratePress lifetime deal, you’ll have life-long access to all premium modules and features offered by GeneratePress including:

  • 60+ Colour options
  • 70+ Typography styles
  • Well-structured theme layouts
  • Customizable WooCommerce Store
  • Sticky and off-canvas navigation
  • Customizable mobile header
  • Control spacing, size and margin of the site elements
  • Customizable blog
  • Secondary navigation
  • Background images and options
  • Decentralized customization
  • Disable page elements
  • Copyright protection of content
  • Import and export theme options

Access to Site Library

We’ve seen the Site Library of GeneratePress. On purchasing the lifetime deal, you’ll have unlimited access to the colossal GeneratePress library of beautiful, eye-catching and scintillating pre-built themes.

Along with basic themes, you’ll now have access to more sophisticated and beautifully designed site templates. 


Most of us put off our decision to buy a new car thinking that we’ll get much more refined updates and features at a later stage. Some of us are even waiting for subsidies over electric vehicles. However, you needn’t worry about future updates as far as GeneratePress lifetime deal is concerned. You’ll get all the future updates on GeneratePress for your entire lifetime. Highly alluring, isn’t it?

Premium Support

Along with the customer support forum of GeneratePress, you’ll get access to a premium support feature which is venerated for its rapid response. You’ll get your queries addressed within no time with this feature for your entire lifetime.


One of the main reasons why I called this as the most worthwhile plan is that you can use your GeneratePress Premium Plugin on 500 WordPress sites! Excited? So was I two years ago. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Though I’m sure that you’ll never be disappointed after purchasing this plan, still, I would like to mention that GeneratePress offers you a Thirty-day money-back guarantee ensuring you a safe trial. 

Flexbox Grid vs. Legacy Floats

GeneratePress Flex and Float boards

With the coming of GeneratePress 3.0, new sites will be built on Flexbox grid as default. However, the existing users will be continuing with Floats grid as default. Also, you can change it to Flexbox Grid or Floats Grid based on your convenience. 

Nonetheless, I’d say that the Flexbox grid is more sophisticated than Floats grid as the former ensures better loading speed and performance. 

External File Dynamic CSS

With the premium 1.11.0 update of GeneratePress, you’re enabled to generate your dynamic CSS in an external file. This update ensures even more sophisticated performance and speed of your WordPress site. 

Customer Reviews

GeneratePress customer reviews

In general, WordPress enjoys high customer esteem and is venerated for its unlimited customization options and SEO optimization. You’ll be baffled to know that as of now, GeneratePress has crossed 3,10,000 downloads and I’m proud to say that I’m one of the users of GeneratePress.

In addition to that, you can see 3,00,000+ active websites and 70,000+ happy customers of GeneratePress.

Moreover, about one thousand users have rated GeneratePress with five-star ratings and again, I’m one of them. Also, WordPress has conferred GeneratePress with a full five-star rating. 

Ease of Use

Coming to ease of use, I believe that GeneratePress platform is user-friendly and easy to use for debut WordPress users. However, when I shifted from Wix to GeneratePress, I faced difficulty in tabular/box-like/modular customization options as I was familiar with the drag-and-drop interface of Wix. 

Also, I’ve heard from my peers that GeneratePress platform is a bit confusing for beginners and its features require to be understood before using it.

However, you needn’t require any prior coding experience to use GeneratePress and hence, it lends a hand in upholding the user-friendliness of GeneratePress. 

Top GeneratePress Alternatives & Competitors:

Now, I’ll familiarize you with three competitors of GeneratePress which secures almost the same reputation as GeneratePress. Being venerated by its users, each of these themes strives to overcome its alternatives and assume the title of the best WordPress theme. 


Geneis theme- GeneratePress Alternatives


  • Pre-built, customizable themes
  • Custom page templates
  • Powerful theme customizer with live preview
  • Customizable header
  • Can add your logo
  • Ability to add a custom featured page featured post and user profile
  • Mobile-friendly


Free plan: This theme comes for free. 

Genesis Framework Package:

However, you have a paid version of this theme that comes at a one-time payment of $59.95. You’ll get access to:

  • Unlimited updates
  • Genesis framework pack
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited support for a year
  • Detailed tutorials

Genesis Pro Plus Membership:

This version comes at a one-time payment of $499.95. You’ll get access to:

  • Genesis framework pack
  • Detailed tutorials
  • All available themes and future themes
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited support for a year


  • SEO optimization
  • Marvellous support
  • Regular updates
  • Powerful layout options


  • Users without prior coding experience will find it difficult to change the default layout
  • Absence of social sharing bar 


Astra Theme- GeneratePress premium alternatives


  • Pre-built themes
  • Library of templates
  • Customize without prior coding experience
  • Ability to make full-width pages by replacing sidebars
  • Colours and typography
  • Header layouts
  • Customizable blog and archive designs
  • Faster website speed

Pricing: Features Free Astra Pro Mini Agency Bundle Agency Bundle
1 Price $0 $59 per Month $169 per Month $249 per Month
2 Starter Templates Limited access 100+ 150+ 150+
3 Colour, Background, Typography Limited Full access Full access Full access
4 Elements space adjusting Limited Full access Full access Full access
5 HTML Elements 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
6 WooCommerce Integration Limited Full access Full access Full access
7 LifterLMS Integrations Limited Full access Full access Full access
8 LearnDash Integrations Limited Full access Full access Full access
9 Digital Downloads Limited Full access Full access Full access
10 Video Tutorials Yes Yes Yes Yes
11 SEO Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 WPML plugin Yes Yes Yes Yes
13 One-to-one support No Yes Yes Yes
14 Training No Yes Yes Yes
15 Website Usage Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
16 WP Portfolio plugin No No Yes Yes
17 Add-ons for Elementor No No Yes Yes
18 Add-ons for Beaver-Builder No No Yes Yes
19 Convert Pro Plugin No No No Yes
20 Schema Pro Plugin No No No Yes
21 SkillJet Academy No No No Yes
22 Future Plugins No No No Yes

Along with these plans, Astra also offers you a lifetime plan worth $249, $499 and $699 for Astra Pro, Mini-Agency Bundle and Agency Bundle respectively. 


  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • WooCommerce
  • LearnDash
  • ToolSet
  • Yoast 

and much more


  • Loading speed less than 0.5 seconds
  • Powerful Drag and Drop feature
  • Unlimited websites
  • Page builders
  • SEO friendly
  • One-click imports
  • 14-day full money-back guarantee
  • Premade templates


  • Annual subscription fee
  • Limited features in free version
  • Basic archive styling
  • Basic blog comment structure
  • Basic blog post structure


Ocean WP theme- GeneratePress review and alternatives


  • Demo video tutorials
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly website
  • Enhanced loading speed
  • WooCommerce integration
  • RTL language support
  • Support


  • Stick anything you want in your website- similar to drag and drop feature
  • Full-screen website replacing big headers and sidebars
  • Cookie notice
  • Pop-ups
  • White labelling


Sl. no Features Personal Business Agency
1 Price $27-$39 $47-$79 $77-$129
2 Site 1 3 25
3 Updates and Support 12 Months 12 12
4 Extensions 8 8 8
5 Premium Extensions 12 12 12
6 Demo 15 15 15
7 Pro Demo 88 88 88

However, OceanWP also offers a free plan and a lifetime plan.


  • Elementor
  • Brizy
  • Visual Composer
  • Divi
  • ThriveArchitect
  • BeaverBuilder
  • KingComposer
  • WooCommerce


  • Easy to use
  • Greater loading speed
  • SEO Optimization
  • Quality templates 
  • Sophisticated integrations
  • Refined extensions 


  • Page builder with limited features
  • Little track record
  • Limited sites

GeneratePress Pricing: 

Sl. no Features Yearly Lifetime
1 Price $59 per year $249 one-time
2 Modules and Features All features available All features available
3 Site Library Full access Full access
4 Updates 1 year Lifetime
5 Premium Support 1 year Lifetime
6 Websites 500 500
7 Money-Back Guarantee 30-day 30-day

GeneratePress also offers a free plan. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Free Plan

GeneratePress offers you a free plan with decent features. Moreover, I’d like to say that their Premium plan is also pretty much affordable. Also, you’ll get all the premium features at a single payment of $249. In addition to that, you have got a thirty-day money-back guarantee with no cancellation charges for both Premium plan and Lifetime plan. 

  • No Hidden Charges

Unlike other alternatives, GeneratePress has no hidden charges. You’ll just have to pay what’s written and you’ll get all the prescribed features at no additional cost. You needn’t pay a single penny for add-ons, plugins or customer support like some other WordPress themes. 

  • Site Library

The colossal WordPress site library deserves a special mention here. The site library is thronged with a plethora of beautiful, well-made, eye-catching and scintillating pre-made templates. 

  • WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration helps you to build your e-store in your WordPress site. Moreover, GeneratePress not only integrates with WooCommerce but also enables you to customize your store. 

  • Customer Support

GeneratePress has an enthusiastic support forum from where you can get expert answers within twelve hours.

  • Money-Back guarantee

GeneratePress ensures you 100% 30-day money-back guarantee without appropriating any kind of cancellation charges. This facility is available for both the Yearly plan and Lifetime plan. 

  • Decentralized Editing

As far as I’ve used it, this is one of the most glamorous features of GeneratePress. You’ll be able to edit your page or even your post part-by-part giving you full control over the appearance of your website. 

Other Advantages of GeneratePress:

  • RTL Language complaint
  • SEO optimization
  • Faster page loads
  • Seamless customization 
  • Colour and Typography options
  • Powerful import-export options
  • Pre-made templates
  • Backgrounds

And much more. 


  • Limited Free Features

GeneratePress has limited free features when compared to its premium plans.

  • Absence of Drag-and-Drop facility

It’s worth mentioning that GeneratePress lacks exquisite drag-and-drop features where you can customize your site in the way you like. As far GeneratePress is concerned, you’ll be able to customize the elements in tabular/modular forms and not like drawing on a whiteboard. 

It’s similar to the editor of Blogger where you’re supposed to edit the elements in a box-like format. However, website builders like Wix and Astra(WP) provide this feature. Hence, I consider it as a demerit even though GeneratePress offers a live preview of the edits you make. 

  • Confused Beginners

After talking to my peers, I found that the GeneratePress plug-in is a bit confusing for beginners. However, it’ll give you its fullest as soon as you get familiar with its exquisite features. 

Moreover, I found it difficult to adjust with the tabular/modular editing of GeneratePress as I was used to the drag and drop feature of Wix. 

FAQs On GeneratePress:

✅ Before opting for GeneratePress I studied all its features and I read that it offers WooCommerce integration. However, after installing GeneratePress premium, I’m not able to activate WooCommerce plugin and it appears to be greyed out. What should I do?

You’ve to note that you’ve to separately download, upload and activate WooCommerce separately as you’ve activated WooCommerce Premium plugin.

🎉 Will I get a refund?

Yes. You’ll get a thirty-day money-back guarantee for both the yearly plan and the lifetime plan. Please note that you will get a full refund and no cancellation fee will be appropriated.

⚡ Will I get an automatic premium update after one year?

No. You’ve to renew your license first before getting the update. Moreover, you’ll get a 40% discount on every renewal that makes it affordable. However, I’d recommend the lifetime package as you won’t need to do frequent monthly renewals.

👉 Is GeneratePress free?

GeneratePress is a free theme that can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. You can use this theme with limited features and updates.

🏆 What is the best Page Builder for GeneratePress?

GenerateBlock is one of the best Page Builders for GeneratePress which is developed by Tom himself.

💼 Does GeneratePress Theme work best with Elementor?

Yes. GeneratePress works seamlessly with Elementor. Both of them have a free version but the GP premium is more usable.

💥 Is Beaver Builder good to integrate with GeneratePress Theme?

Various themes in GeneratePress site library have been designed using the Beaver Builder. Hence, it is a good idea to integrate Beaver Builder with GeneratePress.

⚡ Can you use GeneratePress Premium on Unlimited Sites?

GeneratePress Premium can only be used with 500 sites now. Earlier, it was available for unlimited sites.

🎉 Do I need to renew the GeneratePress License?

It is not necessary to renew the GeneratePress license. However, you should do that to get unlimited updates.

💲 Is GeneratePress the Fastest Theme?

GeneratePress is one of the fastest WordPress themes because of its size and small footprints. The theme has small codes and filled with fewer elements which reduce the loading time.

GenaratePress Review Conclusion: Is GeneratePress Worth They Hype?

In toto, GeneratePress is a robust WordPress theme that focuses on enhancing loading speed and website performance. On using this theme, you’ll get absolute freedom to customize your website, however, it lacks the drag-and-drop feature. 

Most of the users pair GeneratePress with WordPress page builder to build eye-catching, dynamic websites. In addition to that, GeneratePress is reserved for its colossal theme library and WooCommerce integration and seamless customization of your WooCommerce store. 

I’ve been using GeneratePress for the past two years and initially, I was a user of Wix. When I migrated from Wix to GeneratePress, I found it difficult to customize without the drag and drop feature. However, when I simultaneously started my blog using Blogger, the experience with GeneratePress editing of boxes/modules helped me a lot. 

Moreover, in my experience, GeneratePress will surely help you to land your website in the initial pages of Google search results. 

GeneratePress offers you a free version as well as a paid version and a lifetime plan. The Lifetime plan is pretty worthwhile and it provides you with full access to the site-library, access to lifetime updates, premium support and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. 

Finally, I strongly recommend GeneratePress to every WordPress user who aspires for full-control over editing and seamless customization of your website. It’s also fit for those users who want your website to load faster ultimately resulting in enhancing your SEO rankings.

I hope you have liked my extensive GeneratePress theme review and will be willing to use GeneratePress theme for your site now.

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